About Us

Meet Our Founders

We’re the Walker brothers, owners and founders of DD Ascension. We’re a black owned company based out of Mount Vernon, NY. Our name for our company is derived from our First Names and John 6:62 and John 14:12 from the Bible. Our Faith is something of the importance. Growing up in the church we’ve all heard different sayings or passages from the Bible that sticks with us or use on a daily basis. Our thought was, how about bringing those sayings we all grew up on to light?

That’s why we created Faith based and Inspirational quotes t-shirts. They’re comfortable and can be worn from a day of running errands or to your relaxed Sunday worship service. We all love those Sundays! Comfortable and powerful messages is the goal we have aimed.

Our Goal & Mission

Our goal is to provide comfortable clothing that is expressive to one’s Faith. The clothing has a look for everyday wear, but powerful statements.

What we value most?

We value the strong relation we have with God and giving back. He is the reason this company is in existence. By creating these lines of t-shirts, 10% of each sale will be donate to the One Hundred Black Men of New York.